MeetingCaptain - Meetings suck. But they don't have to.

Meetings suck. But they don't have to.

About MeetingCaptain

MeetingCaptain was started by people just like you -- people who were frustrated by the general inefficiency and ineffectiveness of meetings. Anyone who has attended their fair share of meetings will agree that they’re usually disorganized and entirely too long for how much work actually gets done. MeetingCaptain aims to change all that. For five bucks a month.

Let’s face it: Meetings suck. But they don’t have to. Use MeetingCaptain to help transform your meetings from boring wastes of time into productive endeavors! You can try it for free, and even if you sign up and then decide you don’t like it, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

The goal of MeetingCaptain is to take as much weight off the person organizing the meeting as possible so that they can devote their full efforts to what really needs to get done. You have a good reason for scheduling your meetings to begin with, right? So let’s make it happen!

MeetingCaptain aims to be a one-stop-shop for people looking to whip their meetings into shape. Try it out free today -- and let us know how it works for you!

How it Works

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to import your contacts from whatever email or social networking service you use most often, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also sync your Gmail calendar with MeetingCaptain (support for other calendar programs coming soon), so you can keep your contacts and your calendar all in one place.

Use your contacts list to quickly and easily add attendees to a meeting. Once you’ve taken care of the invites, pick a time and place for your meeting. Not set on a date and time that will work for everyone? MeetingCaptain has a “propose meeting times” function built in that allows you to poll your team for what time would work best so everyone can attend. Type out a quick “to-do list” of what you’ll be focusing on during the meeting and you’re good to go. We’ll take care of sending out the invites, along with all the relevant information you’ve input that they’ll need to actively participate in your meeting. If you choose, your teammates can even make changes to the agenda to keep things up to date as the meeting approaches.

Once you’ve called a meeting to order, you’ll be able to assign action items to teammates complete with notes and important files for download that will stay right there on the meeting page. And, coming soon, you’ll also be able to keep a running dialogue going during the meeting over a built-in instant messaging program that will be automatically saved and available for download by anyone in attendance for future reference.

After a meeting is concluded, MeetingCaptain again let’s you sit back and relax as it sends out an email to all attendees with all the notes from the meeting, eliminating the need for that painful “follow-up” email.

A Couple Links

Want a step-by-step guide to the process described above, complete with screenshots from the program? We’ve got one, and you can find it right here.

Still have questions? Send them directly to us right here.

Integration with PBworks

Don’t know about PBworks yet? Head on over to their site to see how you can foster even more communication and collaboration within your team -- and get even more out of MeetingCaptain.

Already a PBworks user? Good for you! Make full use of MeetingCaptain’s productive powers by linking your meetings with your PBworks page, then stand back and be amazed at how all your meeting details are actively synced with your own internal network and made available to your team -- whenever and wherever they may need them.

We Have a Blog!

Want weekly updates on why meetings suck, and how they don’t have to? Check out our blog right here.



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